Our People


Jerry Allen
International Fire Protection, Inc.

Jerry Allen, President of International Fire Protection, a multi-million-dollar, full-service life safety company comprising of multiple district offices located throughout the Southeastern United States.

Jerry began his career in fire protection in 1990 as a design trainee. He joined the APi Group family of companies in 1995 at Western States Fire Protection. He started as a fire sprinkler designer for the Austin, Texas branch office. Due to a strong work ethic, desire to learn, and the passion to fill gaps, Jerry was promoted to Project Manager and within a couple of years was advanced to Operations Manager. In 2005, Jerry became the Area Manager of in Austin. During his ten years as Area Manager, Jerry and the Austin Team grew this once struggling operation into one of the top branch offices of Western States Fire Protection.

In 2015, Jerry accepted another challenge as the President of Delta Fire Systems, Inc. located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Through his leadership, Delta created a ten year growth strategy, redefined the organizations mission, vision, values, and successfully piloted an ERP rollout for the APi Group while growing revenue and improving profitability.

As a combat veteran, Jerry proudly served in the U.S. Army as a light infantry NCO with the 82nd Airborne Division and participated in the 1989-1990 invasion of Panama “Operation Just Cause.”

Jerry believes in leading self-first, investing in others, striving for excellence, and leaving a lasting legacy by building a clock vs just telling time.

Outside of work, Jerry enjoys spending time with his wife, Kathina and their five sons.