Our People


Colleen Moselle
APi National Service Group

Colleen Moselle is the president of APi National Service Group (APi NSG), a single point of contact for clients with multiple facilities located around the United States or Canada. Colleen was promoted to president from the role of vice president within the company in 2016, after being with the company for five years. 

Colleen joined APi Group in May of 2011 as part of the Leader Development Program and was placed within APi NSG in May of 2011 as the operations manager, later promoted to vice president.

Prior to joining APi NSG, Colleen served aboard a naval destroyer for just over four years out of San Diego, California. Upon completion of that tour, she transferred duty stations to the Pentagon and USCG Headquarters for two years working on The Interdiction Committee (TIC). Colleen voluntarily left the service in 2009 to pursue a career in the private sector and took a position as a medical device sales rep for two years. Colleen graduated from the Naval Academy in 2002 and the Naval Postgraduate School in 2003, and received a Bachelor of Science in oceanography and a Master of Science in physical oceanography.

Colleen enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian, and their two children, Max and Alison, on their small farm. She enjoys hobby beekeeping, photography and being outdoors as much as possible.