Subsidiary Testimonials

APi Group Members Share Insights

Whether you're in business development, safety, project management, design or finance, you'll be welcomed to a network of professionals that spans over 40 companies in more than 200 locations. See testimonials below.

"APi offers the best of both worlds: large company resources and benefits, local company management and flexibility."

Roddy Bieber, branch manager for APi Systems Group

"Through APi we've been exposed to a wide array of leadership and technical training, received a pipeline to emerging talent and are regularly exposed to a peer group of high performance companies and their leadership. We are provided all this yet allowed - even encouraged - to maintain our own individual company cultures. I can honestly say I'm a more effective leader today and we are a more successful company because of our association with APi Group."

Mike McParlan, COO of APi Group (former president of The Jamar Company)

"The unique structure of APi Group allows for the agility of a small company to make quick, rapid, frontline business decisions, while still having the buying power and continued leadership opportunities of a large organization. This unique structure also allows for a strong peer-to-peer relationship where a standalone and unique businesses, under the APi umbrella, can freely discuss, share and implement business practices from company to company, allowing again for growth and success over a broader area. Synergy at its finest."

Gene Postma, COO of APi Group (former president of Western States Fire Protection)

"We are extremely happy to join APi Group. APi Group will clearly give us the necessary horsepower to continue growing well beyond our current capabilities.'

Bob Schoneberger, president of United Piping Inc.