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Oil & Gas Energy

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APi Group's oil & gas construction companies can perform any pipeline related construction project throughout the U.S. and Canada. Quality, safety and schedule are the three pillars for success. No job is or can be considered successful unless all three pillars are met. And, our companies believe that.

General contracting for 400 miles of 24” mainline construction to gas compressor, oil pumping stations, and even oil terminal facilities, our companies do those projects and do them very well. We retrofit and upgrade existing pipeline facilities to meet new demands, pipeline throughputs and changes in operating parameters. We work within existing and currently operating facilities that require experience and a safety culture that recognizes the hazards and complexity to complete them on time and safely. The oil and gas industry has many construction and operating hazards – but all of those tasks can be done safely when you have the years of exacting and unmatched experience that APi Group's award-winning companies have. 

Our services include Right of Way (ROW), site preparation and maintenance (plowing, hot-shotting), treator house installations, well-site reclamation, facility construction, pipeline integrity and power plant maintenance.

Our skilled pipefitters, welders and mechanics work together with engineers and inspectors to ensure quality fabrication and production within oil pipeline transportation. Turnaround services include scaffolding, refractory, mechanical insulation contracting, boiler repair and retrofit. Our facility installations include processing station construction and other large-bore piping installations.

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