APi Group companies are leading providers of safety and safety-related building services in North America. We focus on end-to-end integrated systems, including fire protection services, HVAC and specialty systems, which include the design, installation, inspection and service of these integrated building systems. Our safety services also provide mission-critical services, including life safety, emergency communication systems and specialized mechanical services. The work performed within this segment spans across industries and facilities and includes commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional.

Through our network of fire protection companies throughout the U.S., we are a national leader with a world-class reputation in life safety services, supported by our award-winning workplace safety programs. For complex mechanical systems, such as for commercial and industrial environments, our engineering services capabilities include design-build and virtual building system modeling, using multiple BIM software platforms. We also offer the pre-fabrication of modular mechanical systems that can incorporate plumbing, HVAC, fire protection and electrical systems in one unit.

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