Johnson Controls Power Solutions expansion

October 26, 2011 -

LeJeune Steel Co. has once again united with Hunzinger Construction to complete the Johnson Controls Power Solutions building expansion project in Glendale, Wis. LeJeune will add two new floors to the existing structure, built previously with LeJeune.

Each new floor is about 42,500 square feet. A new 6,200-square-foot penthouse will be located on top of the new fourth floor. The existing first and second floors will require in-fill framing of the interior openings and skylights.

LeJeune's sister company, Wisconsin Structural Steel Co. in Barronett, Wis., will help the expansion project seek LEED Platinum certification by fabricating 740 tons of recycled structural steel.

The project will feature an interior floor framed openings for skylights and atrium space; W24 by 55 at 54 feet-long girders; architectural featured HSS 7 by .25-round columns, and stub columns to launch off the existing cap plates.The lower floors of the building will remain occupied during work hours. Construction work and steel erection will begin at night after the building is closed.

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