SK FireSafety Group

Huifakkerstraat 22
Breda 4815 PN
Phone: +31 (0)76-5487000
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Because in case of a fire every second counts, and every situation is different, we believe in dedicated productsdedicated systems and dedicated solutions for every customer. Whether it's a nursery in Antwerp or an oil platform in the Asian Sea. People, assets and the environment deserve maximum safety.

At SK FireSafety Group we constantly tell ourselves one thing: it's not about us. It's about our people and our companies, and the customers they work for. They make the difference for our customers, their common goal is to save human lives and assets. SK FireSafety Group is there for them; to get better, stronger, healthier. As autonomously as possible, because that's what we believe in. Operating independently in the sectors of which they have deep-rooted knowledge as "fire safety experts", with their own products and services, and with their own propositions and innovations.


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