Industrial Fabricators, Inc.

403 North Cemetery Street
Thorp, WI 54771-0370
Phone: 715-669-5512
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Established: 1975
Acquired: 1994

Industrial Fabricators, Inc. specializes in industrial silencers used for both safety and environment.

The silencers range in size from eight inches to 144 inches in diameter, weigh up to 42,000 pounds and are used primarily in industrial and heavy equipment applications. Industrial Fabricators handles jobs of any size, shape or metal and its custom projects can be shipped completely finished or unfinished. Our company uses the latest technology for quality metal fabrication.

We ship silencers to plant locations and equipment sites worldwide, including engine exhaust mufflers to South Korea, and steam blow down silencers to Ireland.

With a dedicated team of office and production professionals, Industrial Fabricators offers the best product available and has the most satisfied customers in the market.

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