Reliance Fire Protection

709 E Ordnance Road Suite 510
Baltimore, MD 21226
Phone: 443-989-3000
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Established: 1987
Acquired: 2009

Reliance Fire Protection is a full-service fire protection company that has been defending facilities in the Mid-Atlantic for 30 years. We have the knowledge to design, install and maintain all types of fire sprinkler systems, including special hazards.

Reliance Fire Protection offers customers timely and efficient fire sprinkler installation. With our expertise in fire sprinkler systems in commercial, industrial, institutional and historic buildings, we have serviced a wide range of customers. We have NICET certified designers to design your sprinkler system and a highly trained, certified installation crew to get your new sprinkler system in place. Our range in service includes time and material services up to $10 million contracts.

We provide valuable, life-saving inspections and maintenance on fire sprinkler systems of all kinds. Reliance Fire Protection is the industry leader in the Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia area for 24-hour emergency sprinkler service. All of our technicians are trained to react in critical situations. They have years of experience with multiple fire systems and solving emergency problems. You can expect a fast, efficient response no matter the time of day.

From installations to inspections based on your frequency needs, Reliance Fire Protection is an extension to your building operations team.


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