Industrial Silencers & Mufflers

Many industrial settings and heavy equipment applications require custom-designed industrial silencers to help protect the environment, reduce noise levels and improve plant safety. Bringing decades of experience in the craft, APi Group offers fabrication of industrial silencers and mufflers in all shapes, sizes and metals, whether chamber or acoustical style.

Backed by our world-class safety program, we fabricate and ship silencers to plant locations and equipment sites worldwide. Our custom fabrications include exhaust silencers, intake/inline silencers, inline diffusers and vent silencers. Notably, we fabricate specialty industrial mufflers for leading design engineers in the combustion exhaust manufacturing field. These combustion exhaust mufflers feature catalytic converters that filter sulfur and other harmful emissions to satisfy EPA requirements in industrial settings.

Service Providers

ICS, Inc.
Industrial Fabricators, Inc.