Insulation contracting and refractory services

Across industry, insulation is critical to reduce emissions and noise levels, control energy costs and enhance process performance, among other benefits. Systems that require insulation include any process that carries or stores liquid, gas, air or product in which the temperature of the ambient air affects the temperature of the substance being transferred or stored. In the U.S. and Canada, APi Group companies have a long history of supplying, distributing and installing mechanical insulation in myriad of commercial and industrial applications.

Engineered insulation systems by APi Group extend to all types of projects and equipment from baghouses, boilers and ducts to generators, scrubbers and turbines. As one of the nation's oldest and most experienced specialty contractors, our insulation work in the power generation industry is renowned. We are one of the few single-source contractors in the U.S. to provide insulation, lagging, siding, drafting, fabrication and scaffolding services. We also make insulation repairs and alterations.

Service Providers

APi Construction Company
ICS, Inc.
Industrial Contractors, Inc.
Jamar Company
NYCO, Inc.