Metal Contractors

Metal fabrication is an integral part of many buildings and structures, whether new construction or renovation. Using a value engineering approach and with full welding capabilities, APi Group designs, engineers and delivers fabricated products. Our fabricated products - such as custom ductwork, tall launch gantries for NASA, intricate ornamental railings, architectural metal and roofing - are created with innovation and precision.


Specialized metal fabrication and cutting services are sought for many commercial and industrial applications, such as piping, OEM replacements, tanks and pressure vessels as well as OSHA-approved machinery guards. Our designers use advanced 3D modeling systems to bring your ideas to life in the hands of certified fabricators. Our specialty fabrication teams work with every metal available, including aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and black iron. Additional services include repair and painting.

Service Providers

APi Construction Company
Grunau Company, Inc.
ICS, Inc.
Tessier's, Inc.