Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Working on and maintaining aging oil and gas pipeline infrastructure requires skill and experience to perform the work safely and to minimize any excessive downtime. Pipeline integrity management, in-service repairs of all kinds are standard practice to many of APi Group's oil and gas companies. Welded sleeves, clock-springs, cut-outs and replacements, road crossings we clearly have the in-house knowledge and supervisory experience to complete these projects on time. We know downtime is lost revenue and we are very sensitive to this fact. To us, a successful project must be done on time, with high quality and zero safety-related incidents! 

To further enhance our maintenance services we have solid experience with hydro-static testing of active lines post construction. Large diameter, small diameter and nearly 1,000 miles of managed work to date, we are well versed in federal requirements. We can provide a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to make your project successful and timely. At APi Group, planning and clear communication is the key.

Other specialty services: Right-of-Way (ROW) maintenance and clearing for aging lines; restoration and replacement of eroded ROW areas; and marine/marsh applications (rivers, swamps and stream restorations). 

Fabrications for skid systems can be performed in one of our many fabrication facilities. At our specialized shops we can build you a customized package to your specification! Upstream oil and gas asset construction services also provided via our roustabout services


  • Cross-country pipelines
  • Stations
  • ROW clearing and restoration
  • Well-site construction
  • Roustabout work
  • Pipeline fabrication systems and skid assemblies  


  • Pipeline integrity repairs
  • Pipeline facility upgrades and enhancements
  • ROW maintenance 
  • Well-site maintenance (roustabouts)
  • Facility and equipment change-outs 
  • ROW access (timber mat rental, hauling & replacement)
  • Re-clearing services


Construction (Pipelines, Stations, ROW Clearing, Well-Site)

Maintenance (Integrity Repairs, Facility Upgrades, ROW, Roustabouts)

Oil & Gas Industry Support Services (HVAC, Siding, Plumbing, Electrical)

Fabrication and Skid Assemblies

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