Security and surveillance systems

Security and Defense: GSA Contracting

The security and defense industry demands a high level of precaution and redundancy. Whether related to national defense, such as naval vessels, government centers, military aircraft hangars, or high-security sites — from correctional institutions to banks — life safety and security systems can’t be run of the mill. APi Group has a long history serving the security and defense industry for superior fire protection, access control and surveillance systems.

As a leader of life safety companies, APi Group offers a range of specialty systems including redundant underground supply piping and pre-action systems. GSA contract administrators, facility managers and general contractors alike appreciate our lean construction best practices that save time and money. We’re rigorous about pre-planning coordination, job site planning, material handling and even use the 5S organizational method.

Security and Surveillance Systems

Government centers, private research campuses, schools, banks, retail stores and correctional facilities all benefit from the top performance of security and surveillance systems. APi Group provides complete life safety and property solutions including security systems integration for high-security buildings. Our security work includes design and installation of simple cameras to intrusion detection systems with touchscreen controls that open, close and monitor doors in detention facilities.

Recording, viewing and archiving are all functions built into our systems. Our security and surveillance systems offerings include:

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