Special Hazard Systems

Special hazard environments demand only the most advanced, reliable fire suppression systems. APi Group’s fire protection companies serve multiple industries, helping to reduce risk and protect human life and property. Our fire protection work in high-hazard settings is found globally, across industrial and government facilities, such as chemical storage and defense centers, to commercial applications like data centers and manufacturing plants.

We offer all types of special hazard fire sprinkler, suppression and detection systems by leading manufacturers. These include deluge, foam-based, water mist, dry chemical and clean agent systems, including FM-200, carbon dioxide, and Halon.

Our services in special hazard systems include:

Service Providers

3S Incorporated
APi International
APi National Service Group
APi Systems Group, Inc.
Davis-Ulmer Sprinkler Company
Delta Fire Systems, Inc.
Grunau Company, Inc.
ICS, Inc.
International Fire Protection, Inc.
NEXUS Alarm and Suppression, LLC
Reliance Fire Protection
Security Fire Protection Company, Inc.
United States Alliance Fire Protection, Inc.
VFP Fire Systems, Inc.
Viking Automatic Sprinkler Company
Vipond Inc.
Western States Fire Protection Co.