Structural Steel

The complex design, engineering and installation of steel specified in buildings, bridges and other infrastructure can't be left to chance. Efficiency and the highest levels of quality workmanship and on-the-job safety are required of a structural steel contractor. APi Group maintains high standards for structural steel design, fabrication and steel erection in commercial buildings, industrial settings, bridges and other applications.

The qualifications of APi Group companies that specialize in structural steel include certifications by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) which follow the strict AISC quality assurance program. Contractors and building owners benefit from our in-house engineering capabilities that truly bring value engineering to any project. In addition to structural steel at high rises, malls, healthcare facilities and power plants, work by APi Group includes rebar and support beam installation, equipment supports, metal roofing and decking.

Service Providers

Classic Industrial Services, Inc.
Grunau Company, Inc.
ICS, Inc.
Industrial Contractors, Inc.
LeJeune Steel Company
Wisconsin Structural Steel