Today, more than ever, the construction industry is increasingly being called upon to incorporate environmentally friendly practices. Collectively, our companies are involved in the engineering, design, construction and installation of LEED® green building certification program projects.

APi Group is Committed to Sustainable Building Practices

  • APi Group headquarters, designed and built by APi Group companies, is LEED Gold certified.
  • Industrial Contractors and Jamar specialize in installation, maintenance, repair and retrofit of all types of air pollution control systems.
  • Jamar performs commissioning and LEED work in its Architectural Roofing and Mechanical divisions.
  • Classic Industrial Services focuses on waste-to-energy, power generation and pollution control for thermal insulation systems.
  • APi Construction installs thermal insulation systems that provide heat retention and energy conservation at coal, gas and nuclear power plants.
  • APi Distribution provides industrial, commercial and residential LEED-certified insulation products.
  • Industrial Fabricators fabricates combustion exhaust mufflers with catalytic converters that filter harmful emissions to satisfy EPA requirements.

For years, APi Group companies have been dedicated to building a safer "greener" environment.

» About the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED® Certification Program