Lean Construction

APi Group Puts the “Lean” in Lean Construction

At APi Group, we understand that efficiency drives both productivity and client satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide greater value to our customers by continuing to find new ways to improve our products and performance. That's why our vision is to integrate Lean construction concepts throughout our entire organization, making it part of our company culture. In fact, we stand so firmly behind the Lean concept that we've implemented Lean Leader training to provide each of our companies with their own Lean practitioner.

We're developing a Lean culture to:

  • Achieve greater productivity and quality
  • Reduce start-up time
  • Prevent mistakes and rework
  • Determine best practices
  • Standardize procedures
  • Keep work sites clean and organized
  • Decrease material costs
  • Increase fuel cost savings

"Lean construction is about best practices, continuous improvement and never being satisfied...that's why our leaders are committed to it and every employee will be trained in the Lean process."

Ted Angelo, Executive Vice President at Grunau Company