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The future of business services is in good hands

The future of business services is in good hands

Choose APi Group for market-leading business solutions, safety and specialty services.

About us

Plan for excellence

We provide quality, reliable business services that give potential everything it needs to thrive.

Plan for excellence

Satisfy all the OSHA requirements with our world-class solutions, systems, and programs for risk response.

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Plan for excellence

Every job is different, and our award-winning lineup of capabilities can help you achieve incomparable results.

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Power in numbers

A shared legacy of leadership is all in the family of APi Group companies.
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A coworker works on HVAC pipes using his drill.

Reach your potential with us

Helping individuals grow professionally and personally is a key factor in our long-term success.
We're all about you
Whether your career is long established or just beginning, we're here to help you power through to the next phase.
We strive for a balanced talent pool
Our commitment to fostering gender inclusivity in the industry leads to business opportunities through groups like Network of Women, an employee engagement initiative.
Progress is part of the plan
We're committed to Building Great Leaders with specialized leader trainings, labs, and development programs.