APi Group Foundation

Grant Application Information

The APi Group Foundation was established in 2020 to solidify APi Group’s commitment to its charitable efforts. APi Group funds the Foundation which selects qualified, registered charitable organizations that apply to receive grant money.


As a company comprised of individuals intent on caring for others and building lasting relationships, it is incumbent upon us to do our part to lessen the burden for families, military personnel and veterans affected by unexpected, life-changing events. It is the Foundation’s goal to engage in, assist, and contribute to the support of charitable, scientific, literary or educational activities and projects.

Major Areas of Interest

At this time, submission of applications to APi Group Foundation is by invitation only. Interested organizations should make a grant inquiry as outlined below and may be selected to submit a grant application. As part of its assessment of the alignment of applications for funding and the Foundation’s giving philosophy, the Foundation Board may consider the impact of a grant on the advancement of inclusion and equity in our community. With its focus on equitable giving, the Foundation will consider applications from newer or smaller organizations that are rooted in, and led by representatives from, the communities they serve.

Board meetings

Grant Inquiry

We accept grant inquiries on an ongoing basis, and our Directors and Officers meet quarterly to consider grant awards. Because of this, the grant application process from inquiry to funding decision may take up to six months; please consider this time frame in determining what projects you propose for APi Group Foundation funding.

You may submit up to three projects for consideration. Each project should be outlined on the form below with a brief description, estimated total budget, and amount of APi Group Foundation funding sought. Generally, no more than one project per applicant will be selected for further review; please list projects in order of highest priority first. If a project is to receive further consideration, you will be sent a grant application via email. You will be notified if none of the proposed projects fit into the present funding interests of the Foundation.

Quarterly Cycles and Application Deadlines/Submission Deadlines and Notification Dates

Inquiry Submission Period

Application Submission Deadline

Award Notification

First Quarter
Inquirey: Oct 16 - Jan 15
First Quarter (October 16 – January 15)

Deadline: Jan 31January 31

Award: MarMarch

Second Quarter
Inquirey: Jan 16 - Apr 15
Second Quarter (January 16 – April 15)

Deadline: Apr 30April 30

Award: JuneJune

Third Quarter
Inquirey: Apr 16 - July 15
Third Quarter (April 16 – July 15)

Deadline: July 30July 30

Award: SeptSeptember

Fourth Quarter
Inquirey: July 16 - Oct 15
Fourth Quarter (July 16-October 15)

Deadline: Oct 31October 31

Award: DecDecember

Final grant decisions are usually made within eight weeks of the formal application submission deadline. Official notification of the APi Group Foundation decision is then provided to the nonprofit via email. All award recipients will be required to enter a Grant Acceptance Agreement to complete their award process and receive funding. Although a nonprofit’s grant request may fall within one of the Foundation’s funding priorities, due to finite resources, the APi Group Foundation is unable to support every worthwhile project within any given fiscal year.

We appreciate your interest in the APi Group Foundation and look forward to reviewing your grant inquiry.

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