At APi Group, we believe the business services industry thrives on building and maintaining relationships. This belief pushes the reason we don’t “APi” the companies we purchase. Instead, we value and invest in the relationships of each company leader and his or her business. Our leaders enjoy the freedom to share best practices, develop peer-to-peer services and benefit by direct access to the wealth of experience each company brings to the APi Group family. We are a network of businesses and people who invest in one another.

Learn more about our leaders below.


Shane ShipmanLeJeune Steel Company
Shane Shipman
Archie MerchantM&N Energy Services Ltd.
Archie Merchant
Jason HickeyPremier Fire & Security, Inc.
Jason Hickey
Ossie ButtonTexas Sprinkler
Ossie Button
Dave SaffrinTwin City Garage Door Company
Dave Saffrin