Our People

APi Group Understands the Power of One with the Support of Many

At APi Group, we believe the construction industry thrives on building and maintaining relationships. This belief pushes the reason we don’t “APi” the companies we purchase. Instead, we value and invest in the relationships of each company leader and his or her business. Our leaders enjoy the freedom to share best practices, develop peer-to-peer solutions and benefit by direct access to the wealth of experience each company brings to the APi Group family. We are a network of businesses and people who invest in one another.

Our board of directors:

  • Paul Grunau
  • Ron Magnus
  • Max Nichols

Learn more about our leaders below.

APi Group Inc.

Lee R. Anderson, Sr. Lee R. Anderson, Sr.
Owner and Chairman
Lee R. Anderson, Sr. Bio
Russ Becker Russ Becker
CEO and President
Russ Becker Bio
Tom Lydon Tom Lydon
Tom Lydon Bio
Julius Chepey Julius Chepey
Julius Chepey Bio
Paul Grunau Paul Grunau
Chief Learning Officer
Paul Grunau Bio
Gene Postma Gene Postma
Gene Postma Bio
Michael P. McParlan Michael P. McParlan
Michael P. McParlan Bio
Jim Torborg Jim Torborg
Jim Torborg Bio
Steve Ulmer Steve Ulmer
Steve Ulmer Bio
Scott Hatfield Scott Hatfield
Vice President of Acquisitions
Scott Hatfield Bio
Mark Polovitz Mark Polovitz
Vice President and Controller
Mark Polovitz Bio
Andy Anderson Andy Anderson
Vice President of Business Development
Andy Anderson Bio
Mike Leidholm Mike Leidholm
Vice President of Risk Management
Mike Leidholm Bio

3S Incorporated

Matt Euson Matt Euson
Matt Euson Bio

American Fire Protection Group, Inc.

Mike Gengler Mike Gengler
Mike Gengler Bio

APi Construction Company

Reid Reid "Huck" Finn
Reid "Huck" Finn Bio

APi Distribution, Inc.

Tony  Lucia Tony Lucia
Tony Lucia Bio

APi International, LLC

Rick  Charles Rick Charles
Executive Vice-President
Rick Charles Bio

APi National Service Group

Colleen Moselle Colleen Moselle
Colleen Moselle Bio

APi Systems Group, Inc.

Roddy Bieber Roddy Bieber
General Manager
Roddy Bieber Bio

Classic Industrial Services, Inc.

Mike Landes Mike Landes
Mike Landes Bio

Davis-Ulmer Sprinkler Company

Edward Priest Edward Priest
President and CEO
Edward Priest Bio

Delta Fire Systems, Inc.

Jerry  Allen Jerry Allen
Jerry Allen Bio

Grunau Company, Inc.

Bill Ball Bill Ball
Bill Ball Bio

ICS, Inc.

Drew Molstad Drew Molstad
CEO and President
Drew Molstad Bio

Industrial Contractors, Inc.

Jeff Hammes Jeff Hammes
CEO and President
Jeff Hammes Bio
Cory Bushong Cory Bushong
Executive Vice President
Cory Bushong Bio

Industrial Fabricators, Inc.

Peter Kaz Peter Kaz
Plant Manager

International Fire Protection, Inc.

Kamran Malek Kamran Malek
Kamran Malek Bio

Island Fire Sprinkler, Inc.

Brian McMahon Brian McMahon
Brian McMahon Bio
Del Oliver Del Oliver
Vice President

J Koski Company

John Koski John Koski

J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc.

J. Fletcher Creamer, Jr. J. Fletcher Creamer, Jr.
J. Fletcher Creamer, Jr. Bio

Jamar Company

Craig Fellman Craig Fellman
Craig Fellman Bio

Jomax Construction Company, Inc.

Nick  Bertram Nick Bertram
Nick Bertram Bio
Rick Hansen Rick Hansen
Vice President
Rick Hansen Bio

K&M Fire Protection Services, Inc.

Mike Uszakiewicz Mike Uszakiewicz
Mike Uszakiewicz Bio

LeJeune Steel Company

Shane Shipman Shane Shipman

M & N Construction

Archie  Merchant Archie Merchant

Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Mark Anderson Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson Bio

NEX US Alarm and Suppression, LLC

Jon Bishop Jon Bishop

NYCO, Inc.

Greg Fredlund Greg Fredlund
Greg Fredlund Bio
Mike  Poot Mike Poot
Vice President
Mike Poot Bio

Quality Integrated Services, Inc.

Lonnie Childress Lonnie Childress
President and CEO
Lonnie Childress Bio

Reliance Fire Protection, Inc.

Liam Knott Liam Knott
Liam Knott Bio

Security Fire Protection Company, Inc.

David Dixon David Dixon
CEO and President
David Dixon Bio

Signal One Fire and Communication

Jon Bishop Jon Bishop

Summit Pipeline Services ULC

Craig Kashak Craig Kashak
Vice President
Craig Kashak Bio

Tessier's, Inc.

Gopal Vyas Gopal Vyas
Gopal Vyas Bio
Rashid Kadir Rashid Kadir
Rashid Kadir Bio
Mike Wagner Mike Wagner
Vice President
Mike Wagner Bio

Torren Group, Inc.

John Koski John Koski

Twin City Garage Door Company

Sue Congdon Sue Congdon
Sue Congdon Bio

United Piping, Inc.

R.J. (Bob) Schoneberger R.J. (Bob) Schoneberger
R.J. (Bob) Schoneberger Bio
Mel Olson, P.E. Mel Olson, P.E.
Mel Olson, P.E. Bio

United States Alliance Fire Protection, Inc.

Chad Huennekens Chad Huennekens
Chad Huennekens Bio

VFP Fire Systems, Inc.

Andy McCleery Andy McCleery
Andy McCleery Bio

Viking Automatic Sprinkler Company

Andy McCleery Andy McCleery
Andy McCleery Bio

Vipond Fire Protection, Ltd

John McCann John McCann
Managing Director
John McCann Bio

Vipond Inc.

Bernie M. Beliveau Bernie M. Beliveau
President and CEO
Bernie M. Beliveau Bio
Lindsay Banks Lindsay Banks
Vice President
Lindsay Banks Bio
Bruce Tait Bruce Tait
Executive Vice President
Bruce Tait Bio

Vipond Systems Group

Bruce Tait Bruce Tait
Executive Vice President
Bruce Tait Bio

W & M Sprinkler Company, Inc.

Hank Munier Hank Munier
Hank Munier Bio
Sami Khoueiri Sami Khoueiri
Executive Vice President
Sami Khoueiri Bio

Western States Fire Protection Co.

Jeff Daane Jeff Daane
CEO and President
Jeff Daane Bio
Rick  Charles Rick Charles
Executive Vice-President
Rick Charles Bio
Joe  Depriest Joe Depriest
Vice President
Joe Depriest Bio