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We realize the importance of a healthy work/life balance, part of which is made possible through paid time off. Whether it’s to relax, enjoy the holidays, take time to heal or care for a family member, we strive to provide a competitive program that provides the time to do so.



We offer a 401(k) plan to help you save for retirement. With numerous investment options and a generous company match, our 401(k) plan will help you stay on track and prepare for the future.



APi Group partners with national vendors to provide corporate pricing and incentives to our employees. We leverage our large company strength to bring value to you and your family. Take advantage of our vendor discounts of wireless plans, hotels, mobile devices, computers, automobiles, and more. Contact your supervisor for more information.



As part of our commitment to employee development and lifelong learning, we offer a tuition reimbursement program. The reimbursement program is intended to help you grow in your field and reach your educational goals.

Tuition reimbursement is at the discretion of the company and/or supervisor.



Our benefits program includes various types of insurance to meet the diverse needs of our people. We help protect you and your family against the unexpected with things like life insurance, disability insurance, employee assistance and disaster relief.



When it comes to health care, one size does not fit all. We offer a selection of health plans as well as health savings accounts to provide you and your family with the right care you need now and help you save for future health care expenses.



Our people own part of the company through the APi Group Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). As a full-time employee, you’ll receive annual contributions to your ESOP account based on company performance. It is another great way to save for retirement! Additional qualifications apply. See your supervisor for details.



A key part of our vision is to grow our people through training, leadership development and advancement. Your continued learning and development is important to us. If you want to grow, we will help you get there.



We firmly believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We do this directly through financial support, as well as providing opportunities for our employees to volunteer and make a difference. Learn more about our community involvement.

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What does it mean to work for a multi-billion-dollar company? That's easy.

Whether you're in business development, safety, project management, design or finance, at APi Group you'll be welcomed into a network of professionals that spans over 40 companies in more than 200 locations. We are small enough to offer a family-like environment and large enough to grant our employees access to the best resources and development opportunities the industry has to offer.

Apply today! Earn a career with a company that understands employees are the greatest asset and invests in their professional development.

Leadership Training Opportunities:

  • Leadership training opportunities specifically designed for groups from the field force up to the company president level.
  • Foreman / Supervisor Leadership Training
  • Project Manager Leadership Training
  • Branch Manager Leadership Training
  • Regionally Based Leader Labs
  • Strategic Level Leader Labs
  • Emerging leadership training

APi Group strongly believes that business ethics education should be a pillar of any quality training program. As a result, we offer continuing developmental training opportunities for each of our company-level ethics supervisors and company-wide ethics courses.