We choose to grow with you. That's why we established APi National Service Group (APi NSG). APi National Service Group provides fire and life safety system inspections and service for businesses with a regional or national portfolio of properties. Rather than dealing with service providers all over the country, call APi NSG to handle the inspections and service for all your North American locations. We believe in developing creative services to increase the value we provide to our customers. Anyone can customize services; we dig a little deeper and develop an integrated, customer-centric program that yields the best services and a successful partnership.

As an APi NSG customer, you receive all the benefits of highly coordinated, consistent service levels across your properties:

With branch office locations located throughout the U.S. and Canada, you can rely on our expansive geographic coverage and compliance expertise at every one of your facilities. Wherever you're located, we're there for you.

Just another way APi Group is scalable to fit your needs.